Brio Direct gets you the maximum postage discounts.


  • CASS/DPV certification standardizes addresses and adds Zip+4
  • Presorting and in-house USPS documentation streamline the postal process
  • NCOA-48 processing identifies and updates addressees who have registered a move with the USPS
  • Drop shipping analysis identifies large quantity, concentrated mailings eligible to be shipped closer to end destinations and dropped in a local mail stream – saving time and money
  • Co-mail analysis identifies mail pieces that are eligible to be sorted with other mail pieces and shipped closer to end destinations – saves time and money
  • Priority Mail Open & Distribute (PMOD) – allows smaller mailings to take advantage of drop shipping discount
  • Data Hygiene and Acquisition
  • Addressing with Variable Images
  • Inserting from 6 x 3.25 up to 10x13
  • Tab or Glue Closure, Poly-Bagging, &  Package Services

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